Bremer Wappen

W123 Bremen

Tuesday, 28.05.2024

The W123 in scale - Unknown manufacturer

Model of a W123 coupe made of clay. No further information known. ton
frik1 frik1a Blue T-model with friction motor. Unknown manufacturer. Scale: approx. 1:43, the model is 10.5cm long, 3.4cm high and 4.6cm wide. „Made in China” can be read on the bottom plate. The doors can be opened.
Except for the rims identical to the upper model. However: „Made in Hong Kong” and another floor plate. frik2 frik2a
frik3 Third variant of the rims.
T-model with friction motor as a police vehicle. The front doors, bonnet and trunk lid are in green. On the doors and the hood is a sticker with the words „Polizei”. The base plate is completely different from the other models. The model is „Made in Hong Kong”. frik4 frik4a
frik5 T-model with friction motor as an ambulance vehicle.