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W123 Data - Type overview - 220D

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220D / W 123 D 22

General information
Construction designation:W 123 D 22
Production period:07.1975 / 02.1976 - 03.1979
Produced units:56736
Driving performance and consumption
Top Speed:135 km/h (Manual transmission)
130 km/h (Automatic)
Acceleration:28,1 s (Manual transmission)
29,1 s (Automatic)
Fuel Consumption:9,0 l (4-speed manual transmission)
9,0 l (Automatic))
Dimensions and Weights
Wheelbase:2795 mm
Track front / rear:1488 / 1446 mm
Length:4725 mm
Width:1786 mm
Height:1438 mm
Smallest turning circle:11,25 m; with power steering 11,29 m
Unladen weight (car weight):1380 kg
Permitted total weight:1910 kg
Permitted axle load in front:920 kg
Permitted axle load in rear:980 kg
Payload:520 kg
Permissible trailer load (braked):1200 kg
Permissible trailer load (unbraked):725 kg
Engine data
Working method:Four-stroke diesel (with pre-chamber injection)
Positioning of the engine:front, longitudinal; standing
Engine type / model:OM 615 D 22 / 615.941
Number and arrangement of cylinders:4 / in-line
Bore and stroke:87,0 x 92,4 mm
Total cubic capacity:2197 ccm (according to the tax formula 2172 ccm)
Compression ratio:21,5
Crankshaft bearings:5
Output / at:60 hp / 44 kW at 4200 /min
Torgue / at:126 Nm at 2400 /min
Number of valves
/ arrangement per cylinder:
1 Inlet, 1 Outlet / overhead
Valve control:overhead camshaft
Camshaft drive:Duplex roller chain
Carburation:Pre-chamber injection, mechanically controlled; Bosch 4-stroke injection pump
Cooling system:Water cooling / Pump; 10 l Water
Lubrication:pressure circulation lubrication /
Electrical system:12 V
Battery:88 Ah / in the engine compartment
Generator:three-phase current / 490 W
Starter motor:electrical / 2,0 kW
Fuel tank -
arrangement and capacity:
above the rear axle / 65 l
Fuel transportation:Piston pump at the Injection pump
Chassis / Steering / Brakes / Power transmission
Vehicle frame construction:self-supporting all-steel body
Wheel suspension, front:Double-wishbone front axle with Torsion bar stabilizer
Wheel suspension, rear:Diagonal swing axle, on request with hydropneumatic level control
Suspension, front:coil springs, rubber auxiliary springs, torsion bar stabilizer
Suspension, rear:coil springs, rubber auxiliary springs, torsion bar stabilizer
Shock absorbers front/rear:hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers
Steering system:recirculating ball steering; by request power steering
Steering ratio:22,36:1 / 4,3 steering wheel turns; with power steering: 16,55:1 / 3,2 L.
Braking system (foot brake):hydraulic two-circuit braking system with vacuum brake power booster; disc brakes front and rear
Parking brake (Handbrake):mechanical (foot-operated), acting on rear wheels
ø of the brake discs or brake drums front/rear:brake discs front / rear: 278 / 279 mm
Wheels:sheet steel disc wheels, from 01.1978 by request alloy wheels
Rims:5 1/2 J x 14 H 2
Tyres:175 SR 14 88 S
Driven wheels:rear wheels
Power transmission:split cardan-shaft
Final drive ratio:3,92
Number of units manufactured per annum
YearNumber of units
Selling price without extras (incl. VAT)
Date of the price list and selling price:
01.1976: DM 19.558,00
02.1977: DM 20.346,30
01.1978: DM 20.529,60
04.1978: DM 21.336,00
12.1978: DM 21.761,60