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W123 Bremen

Tuesday, 28.05.2024

The W123 in the press

In this day and age, the inclined prospect has various possibilities to inform about the object of his desire, the car.
Internet, television, as well as magazines, provide an almost myriad of sites, articles and broadcasts to provide with information, test results, comparisons, and technical data. A true oversupply that does not make the decision easier. In the 1970s and 1980s the possibilities were much lower.

On TV, there was only the broadcast "Telemotor", which brought you every 8 weeks to the newstated stand. The magazine market was also better equipped at that time. The W123 was most frequently mentioned in the magazines „auto, motor und sport”, „mot-auto-journal” and in the „Auto Zeitung”.

All the magazines that are known to the editorial team are listed on the following pages, which contain an article about the W123.
It is not always the main topic of the article, but must often be measured in comparative tests with other vehicles of its class. The list contains (if known) the title of the magazine, author and photographer, edition and year, date of the publication, the title of the article(s) and a picture of the title page.

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The articles are unfortunately only in German.