Bremer Wappen

W123 Bremen

Thursday, 25.07.2024

Special equipment of the W123 - An introduction

If you wanted a Mercedes type 123, you had to bring time, money and imagination.
Time, because it took a long time to take over his W123;
Money because a W123 came almost without equipment and one had to read through the miserably long list with special equipment, which again cost time;
Imagination, because the possible combinations were almost infinite and one had only to bring along enough time and money to get his Imagination.

On the following pages you can check which special equipment was available for W123. In doing so, we have reserved to include only the SA code and the accompanying explanation and to separate the list according to accessories, upholstery, paint and radios.
But since, besides the various upholstery and varnishings, there were more than 200 SA codes for the W123, we differentiated between those who could be ordered according to a price list and those who were only used internally.
Overall 346 different codes can be identified for W123.
In the menu, on the left you will find the individual categories.
Have fun looking through.