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Thursday, 13.06.2024

W123 Data - Data card

If you want to know something about his W123, then usually a look at the data card helps.
Each vehicle has been delivered with 2 data cards.
The first contains information that should only be accessible to the owner. The second is usually glued as an inconspicuous piece of paper on the last inside of the maintenance booklet. This includes all essential information on the vehicle.


If you know the plain text of the given codes, the data card shows the varnishing, interior equipment as well as installed special equipment. It is also possible to see whether the original engine and the first transmission still do its duty.

If these maps are missing, however, it will be somewhat more difficult to get an overview of the car. Here, the data plate, which is located on the lock carrier, can help.
This also contains all important data from the data card.

db1 Production number
db2 Design (here 200T)
db3 Steering and transmission (left-hand drive and manual transmission)
db4 ??? (probably shipping method: Truck — Container - ?)
db5 Paintowrk and paint manufacture — G: Glasurit - H: Herberts
db6 ??? (probably M = metallic paintwork)
db7 ???
db8 ???
db9 ???
db10 All SA codes relevant for car body production (the W123 above still has Code 591 - heat-insulating glass all around with heated rear window (ESG) - for the car body insignificant)

However, there are two other variants of the data sheet. Here is a kind of hole pattern in the upper right corner.

db1a db1b

They are somewhat more extensive than the plates without hole pattern, but contain otherwise at least the same information on the vehicle, as the plates without hole pattern. However, engine and gearbox numbers are not included.

If the data card has been lost and you need more information than can be taken from the data sheet, a look inside the car is quite helpful.
It is possible to find a brief overview of the data card at different locations in the vehicle.
E.g. under the hat rack (sedan, coupé), or on the side panel, rear left / right (T-model). On the interior there may also be such a brief overview: in the seat cushion of the backseat or backrest (all models) and on the underside of the dashboard.
Provided they are still present. However, the engine and gearbox numbers are also not on such an overwiew.
Now just a look into the EPC and the hope that the chassis number was captured may help.
If no access is available, you have the option to go to the next branch with a star to ask if the data card can be printed. Provided that you can provide proof of ownership.
According to the website of Mercedes, this is easily possible with all Mercedes dealers.
The possibility to get a certificate issued for 100 €, was discontinued in 2010. It was no longer contemporary. The question is only what is if the data card is not in the EPC? Then someone will probably fall into the depths of the archive to find and copy the appropriate microfiche. The corporate memory does not forget so quickly.

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