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Tuesday, 28.05.2024

W123 Data - Type overview

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If you want to get to know your W123, do not just take care of the body and interior. Each model has a variety of technical data you should know or at least know where to look.
On the following pages we have recorded the technical data of each model.
By means of the list below, sorted according to body shape and type designation, you can look at the data. They are subdivided for each model according to „General information”, „Driving performance and consumption”, „Dimensions and Weights”, „Motor data”, „Chassis / Steering / Brakes / Power transmission”, as well as the price for the corresponding basic model without special equipment from validity of the corresponding price list.

A few more remarks:
  • Production period: Start of production Pre-production / main series - production end
    (The pre-production is not necessary for all chassis and saloons with long wheelbase))
  • Acceleration: Acceleration with switching gears from 0 to 100 km/h; 2 people in the car
  • Consumption: according to Directive 80/1268/EEC; values for 90 km/h / 120 km/h / city cycle
  • Empty weight: according to directive DIN 70020 (with fuel, spare wheel and tools)

Source of data:
- Rohde/Sirup - Mercedes-Benz w123, Page 140ff.
- Ulf Kaack - Mercedes W123 - Typengeschichte und Technik, Page 116ff.
- Mercedes-Benz W123-Club e.V. - Kaufberatung Mercedes-Benz Baureihe 123, Page 93ff.
- Mercedes-Benz Classic-M@RS - Mercedes-Benz Classic Multimedia archive and research system

Saloon (W123) T-Model (S123) Coupé (C123) Long version (V123) Chassis (F123)
200 200T 230C 250 240D
200 (M102) 230T 230CE 240D 240D Lang
230 230TE 280C 300D 300D Lang
230E 250T 280CE   230
250 280TE 300CD   230E
280 240TD 300CDT   250 Lang
280E 300TD     280E
200D 300TDT