Bremer Wappen

W123 Bremen

Monday, 27.05.2024

The W123 in scale - Conrad

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cr cu cs
cg Three metal models in 1:66 scale. The front doors, bonnet and trunk can be opened. Production year is unknown.
cc ct1 ct2
cu1 1:43 scale models. All models were delivered with the matching cardboard garage. The vehicles had no mirrors (otherwise they would not have fit in the garage). These models went only to sellers in appropriate car dealerships. In the models, the front doors, as well as bonnet and trunk rattle can be opened.

Conrad was founded in 1956 by Ludwig Conrad.
First, the company produced accessories for model trains. From 1971 on, the production of high quality zinc die cast models was started. Since 1979 this is the exclusive core business.
Today, Conrad mainly produces construction machinery, trucks and tower cranes.