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Tuesday, 28.05.2024

The W123 in scale - Schuco

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Last Update: 04.06.2023
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A limousine in green in the scale 1:66.
The doors can be opened, the doors have no windows.
The bottom plate graces the manufacturer's logo, as well as information on the type, performance and maximum speed of a W123 200 and 280. In addition, parts of the axle, the exhaust and the subfloor are indicated.
On the box in raised characters is the name of the manufacturer.

The model is still available in red, light blue and light ivory (as a taxi variant).
The variants in red and green are available in two versions. They differ in the color of the interior.

More about the company Schuco can be found on their homepage:

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Mercedes Benz 200 as hearse of the funeral home Vogt. Scale 1:43.
Product no.: 45 089 0700

s6 s7
Product no.: 45 266 2600
Schuco Edition 1:87
280E in white
Product no.: 45 266 2700
Schuco Edition 1:87
280TE in cypress green metallic
s8 s9
Product no.: 45 266 8900
Schuco Edition 1:87
280E as police
Product no.: 45 266 9000
Schuco Edition 1:87
240TE as fire brigade
(where of course there was no 240TE as S123)