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Tuesday, 28.05.2024

The W123 in scale - DeAgostini

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The model shown is from the 2013 collection Mercedes-Benz from the house DeAgostini.
The series consisted of a total of 77 models of various Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Each model includes an illustrated magazine containing various information about the original vehicle. Each issue cost then 12.99 €, which gives a total price for the complete collection of 1000 €. Given the quality of the models, the price is reasonable.
The W123 200 Police is Issue No. 71. All models are made in 1:43 scale. Manufacturer is probably the Premium & Collectibles Trading Co., Ltd., which also sells its own brands ixo, IST and Premium X. On the base plate only Made in P.R.C and Mercedes-Benz W123 is stamped.

eap Made for "Editions Atlas" (meanwhile discontinued). Collector's Edition.
Exact manufacturer is unknown, but probably, as with the identical model from the DeAgostini series Mercedes-Benz, Premium & Collectibles Trading Co., Ltd.
However, on this model the hubcaps are green and the registration number is S-7163. According to the boot lid it is a 200.