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Monday, 27.05.2024

The W123 in scale - Wiking

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Saloon T-Model Set-Packages

In 1931 Friedrich Karl Peltzer founded the company WIKING Modellbau. As the son of an officer of the imperial navy, he is particularly interested in ship models. In 1939 the entry in the commercial register under the name „Wiking Modellbau Peltzer & Peltzer”.
First, we focus on ship models in the scale 1: 1275 and 1: 1250. 1938/39 followed these waterline models then the first aircraft and cars. The 1: 200 scale aircraft were already made of plastic at that time, while the cars were manufactured by metal casting.
In World War II Wiking was declared an armaments drive and built ship, aircraft and vehicle models for training purposes. Some of these were also delivered to neutral countries abroad.
Read the whole history of the company Wiking on their homepage:

The Wiking story

The numbers of the individual models, e.g.. 149/10 Var. A, refers to information from „Neuer Gelben Kalatog 2003” from Holger Wanner (Last known updated edition is that of 2003, ISBN 3-932396-13-8).
Explanations for the abbreviations:

  • BP = Bodenpr√§gung (base pattern)
  • B-W = Berlin-West
  • DC = Daimler-Chrysler
  • d' = darker than shown in the color chart
  • h' = brighter than shown in the color chart
  • SSD = steel sunroof