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W123 Bremen

Tuesday, 28.05.2024

The W123 in scale - H. Ståhlberg OY

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T-model in the colors: (1st line) white, black, brown, red, (2nd line) dark blue, light blue, yellow and mint (f.l.t.r.).
On the bottom plate is „Made in Estonia” to read. Scale: approx. 1:20, the model is 23cm long, 7.1cm high and 9.5cm wide. The discs are made of plastic, the heating wires in the rear window are indicated. The turn signals are orange. Exterior mirrors can be removed.
The original form of the casting molds comes from H. Ståhlberg OY, a Finnish manufacturer. This produced from the late 60s to mid-80s advertising models for Saab and Volvo. The models were then rebuilt until the 1990s in Estonia. Therefore, the models shown are also from. The original Ståhlberg models are virtually invisible in Germany. But they can be easily recognized by the open rims. The later, as seen here, have closed rims.