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Tuesday, 28.05.2024

The W123 in scale - Welly

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Last Update: 05.06.2023
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    without sunroof

Models of the Chinese manufacturer WELLY DIE CASTING FTY. LTD. (Homepage).
These models are Daimler-licensed models, as indicated by the hologram sticker on the bottom of the package.
You can only open the two front doors. The models have two exterior mirrors and an indicated sunroof. The star on the radiator, as well as the antenna are missing completely. On the case lid '230E' is printed. Although the chrome strips are correctly indicated, the side chrome strips were kept completely in black. The windscreen wipers are in body color. The scale is about 1:34 (length: 11.5cm, width: 4.3cm, height: 3.7cm).
Although manufactured under license, the models look rather rough and are more likely to be seen as toys.
The model is available in the colors silver and green (both metallic), as well as red and beige (plain). There is also a police and a taxi version.
The models are produced for the Eastern European market (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), as can be seen from the label on the side of the packaging.