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Tuesday, 28.05.2024

The W123 in scale - Playbig

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On the packaging is 280SE. It is probably not a model of the W123. The outer shape is very similar to the W123.

pb1 pb2
Fantasy model of a W123 as a convertible with two red stripes and driver and passenger.
pb3 pb4
Fantasy model of a W123 as an emergency doctor convertible with driver and passenger.
pb5 pb6
Fantasy model of a W123 as police convertible with driver and passenger.

In 1923 the brothers Leonhard, Georg and Johann Höfler founded a metalware factory. They made sirens, tin cars and trouser buttons made of sheet metal.
The company was later split into three separate companies: Jean Höfler & Co, Metallwarenfabrik, Georg Höfler, Werkzeugbau, and Johann Höfler, Metallspielwarenfabrik. And in this metal toys factory took over the later company founder Dipl.-Ing. Ernst A. Bettag 1954 the management.
He realized that the era of tin toys was coming to an end, and the time of the plastic was breaking. He then switched the company's production to plastic products.
The renaming in „BIG” took place in 1962. In 1966, the heraldic animal known to this day was introduced.
Finally, in 1972 came on the market, which has accompanied many through their childhood: the BOBBY CAR. The most purchased children's vehicle of all time.
In 1998, the production rooms, including machines and molds, due to a technical defect, became a robbery of the flames. But within half a year the majority of the production could be resumed.
In 2003, company founder Ernst A. Bettag died at the age of 74. He has turned a small company into an internationally recognized company.

You can learn more about the BIG toy factory on their homepage: