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Sunday, 19.09.2021

The W123 in scale - IXO / IST

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ixo Models ® is part of the Premium & Collectibles Trading Co. Ltd from Macau. These include the brands IST Models and Premium X Models. Websites: ixo Models ® IST Models ® Premium X Models ®
The brand IST (pronounced "East") is limited mainly on models made by manufacturers in the former „Eastern bloc”.
The above models are made of metal in the scale 1:43 and are similar to a model of Minichamps ® ;. Unlike Minichamps ® Models, the ixo ® Models no right side mirror. Furthermore, there is an antenna base on the front right fender. In addition, license plate supports are mounted. In the model in magnetite blue metallic there is 200D. The Madeira taxi is marked 07-83-MA. The civilian 300D the Polish registration GOK 3087. The exhaust also distinguishes the two manufacturers. At Minichamps ® is the exhaust generally in silver held. At ixo ® he is black. In addition, the star on the hood at ixo ® much coarser than Minichamps ®
The model in magnetic blue metallic was only available in France and Spain for about 2 weeks via the Ataya publishing house. On the ixo ® Website this model is not offered. It was also in an acrylic box with a side view photo of a W123 sedan as a back wall. On the back of the plug are some technical data for the 200D.
In addition, from ixo the model of a W123 300D as a taxi, as it was used in Madeira and Portugal in 1983, as well as a W123 300D in taigabeige of IST.
On the base (cardboard) of the model in taigabeige is the logo of IST and u.a. the note: „Importer: De Agostini Polska Sp. z oo.o. ”
The last picture shows a 280E as a police FZG in the former USSR, which also existed.