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Monday, 27.05.2024

The W123 in scale - Gama

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A model of the series „Gama-Super” precision models of a „Mercedes-Benz Estate 300TD turbo-diesel” (Article no.: 8 2115 000). The front doors and the tailgate can be opened.
The packaging states: „This is a precision model from GAMA: faithfully and solidly crafted - the body made of finest zinc alloy of the highest purity - scratch-resistant stove enamelled - GAMA - game-stable in collector quality.


Based on the same model, the model of an ambulance. (Product no.: 8 2115 000)
The following stickers are on the model: Red cross on the front doors and on the roof, "RUF 110" on the rear doors, "0932" sticker on the roof.
The discs have a blue / green stitch. Tailgate and front doors can be opened. There is an embossed license plate on the tailgate: S-AB 2115. A single blue light and an antenna are mounted on the roof.
Again, it is a 300TD turbo diesel, with details of engine and power on the bottom plate.

GAMA was the name of a factory for tin toys, which was founded in 1881 in Fürth, Germany. The founder was Georg Adam Mangold.
The GAMA tanks from the 1930s were legendary and were made even after the war. After the war, GAMA was one of the first producers to obtain Allied production approval. In 1971, GAMA bought TRIX Vereinigte Spielwarenfabriken Ernst Voelk KG in Nuremberg. The brand was continued as TRIX-Mangold. In 1980 the rights to Schuco were acquired and the company headquarters relocated from Schuco to Fürth. The brands TRIX, GAMA and Schuco merged in 1993 before GAMA and TRIX were sold to Märklin in 1996.