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W123 Bremen

Tuesday, 28.05.2024

The W123 in scale - PCX87 - Premium ClassiXXs

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Last Update: 05.06.2023

Premium ClassiXXs® in Wendelstein was founded by Peter Brunner and Thomas Roschmann to revive the former Nuremberg toy brand Bub. It produced collectibles under the name "BUBmobil", based on the tin toys, model trains and toy cars produced by Bub in Gostenhof from 1825 to the mid-1960s. As of 2021, the former website is redirected to that of "Model Car World", no further information is available on the Internet.

Quelle: Wikipedia
PCX870172 PCX870173 PCX870174
Item no.: PCX870172
C123 coupe, blue metallic
Item no.: PCX870173
C123 coupe, silver metallic
Item no.: PCX870174
C123 Coupé, red
PCX870175 PCX870176 PCX870177
Item no.: PCX870175
C123 coupe, dark green metallic
Item no.: PCX870176
W123 AMG, silver metallic
Item no.: PCX870177
W123 AMG AMG, light green metallic
PCX870178 PCX870179 PCX870256MCW
Item no.: PCX870178
W123 AMG, dark red metallic
Item no.: PCX870179
W123 AMG, black
Item No.: PCX870256MCW
W123 AMG, blue metallic