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W123 Bremen

Thursday, 29.02.2024

The W123 in scale - Revell

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Product no.: 08808
MB 230E in taiga beige (684)
Scale: 1:18
Product no.: 08809
MB 240D in reed green (803)
Scale: 1:18
Product no.: 08889
MB 230E in astral silver (735)
Scale: 1:18
r4 r5 r6
Product no.: B66040568
MB 230E in mimosa yellow (618)
Scale: 1:18
Published in the Mercedes Benz Classic Collection
Product no.: 08407 9091
MB 230E in Inca red (581)
Scale: 1:18
Limited to 1000 pieces special edition for the Onlineshop Model Car World
Model Car World
Product no.: 08407
MB 230E in silver blue (930)
Scale: 1:18
r7 r8 r9
Product no.: 08407 9092
MB 240D in classical white (737)
Scale: 1:18
Limited to 1000 pieces (257/1000)
Product no.: 08407 9092
MB 230E in signal red (568)
Scale: 1:18
Limited to 1000 pieces (383/1000)
Product no.: 08407 9093
MB 230E in cypress green (876)
Scale: 1:18
Limited to 1000 pieces (930/1000)
On all models it is possible to open both doors, and the bonnet. In addition, both models have a working steering.

The history of the Revell company - this is also the story of a great passion that began in the mid-1940s in Venice / California, USA. Its founder was Lewis H. Glaser.

In 1956, the German subsidiary Revell Plastics GmbH was founded. First, the company headquarters in Bielefeld, but was moved after a year in the neighboring city of B√ľnde, where he is still today.
From a traditional former cigar factory out initially only imported original kits from the US and Britain were sold in Germany. But already in the early 70s, first own kits were developed. However, it took until the 80s until its own development department with affiliated production established. This was favored not least by the desire for European models. Finished metal models (The Cast) are made since the mid-80s.

The company today sells over 5 million models every year. Including the most successful model in the world: the Titanic. with over two million units sold.

More about Revell can be found on their homepage: